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Tapas and Linux

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

So, what’s up? My second day at work on BitRock.

BitRock is located in Sevilla, the city of the sun and heat… but not today! Today was dark and raining. Last Sunday my parents came to visit Seville for the first time and it was  raining… they work hard everytime and once they found time to come visit the city… it looked like Britain.

Anyways, I had lunch at a Tapas cafe for the second day. It’s cheap and good but the main difference I find between these cafes and the ones in Portugal is that here they pretty much eat on their feet! They don’t seat down or seat at the bar. Also, it is usually so noisy inside that it ain’t no peace break 😀 But I like it and it’s amazing that they don’t write down what you’ve ask for, they just know how many stuff you ate and when you ask for the check… you get it before you can reach your wallet! I think they should try a degree on Physics or something like that cause I bet they’d remember on the formulas right away… but then we’d be without such a nice place for eating and shouting.