New BluePad website and FOSDEM 2008

So, after all the beautiful girls asking me and Valério when would we release a new version of BluePad and resurrect its website, we decided: Oh well, they’re so cute, let’s do it!
And voila! There’s a new version of BluePad’s website, plus, the new SVN version works on Nokia s60!!! That’s right, now you can use it with all those fancies phones.

Valério is also giving a lightning talk on FOSDEM about BluePad, how cool’s that. I hope next year we’re keynotes 🙂

I am also going to FOSDEM (thanks to my company BitRock, by the way) so feel free to come chat a little if you want and say bad things about my website. I’ll give you a hunch on how I look like: I am the one in glasses…