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Maemo 5 beta SDK is out

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Today Quim Gil announced the release of the new Maemo 5 beta SDK.

Renewed looks, introduced docs and much more for you to dive/continue to swim into Fremantle’s world and do nice interfaces for mobile devices.

The introduction of docs, that I and my friend Iván Gomez maintain, are very important to the development of Hildon applications in my opinion. Two docs are introduced, the Hildon Tutorial, targeting developers and making your hands dirty with a pratical approach; and the Hildon Interface Guidelines, less technical, that will give you some guidelines about how to develop a usable application for mobile devices. The docs are very beta-ish but we’re working on that and will continue to improve them. Please give us your contribution and let us know about any bugs you find or suggestions you may have.

Happy mobile developing!