Igalia’s New Office

Igalia's new office

Well, this blog’s title’s not quite fair.
Igalia‘s got more than an office, we got a playground, we got a “spot”, a place where we do what we do best, what we love to do, while calling it our job and sharing it with friends. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s call it just our office.

Yesterday was the Igalia’s New Office Inauguration Party.
We stopped working at 5 as previously agreed and started messing around with, well, anything we could.
First, we abused the Wii, then, we started throwing our Free Software mascot plushes to each other, we later upgrade it to a plush rugby ball so it’d give us a more sportish feeling! It’s interest to see how engineers have fun when they turn off their laptops…

Around 8pm, curiously I was finishing reading an interview with Guido van Rossum in Linux Journal when the party guests started arriving and it was nice.
I met new people and fell good about seeing everyone with they’re family and closest friends having fun and saying that the office is “de puta madre” (something like “f*%kin amazing”). Oh, right, the food and drinks we were served were also great!

I’m not really a photo boy, luckily there are always some people who are so check these photos by Mario and Enrique:

ย http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariosp/sets/72157618769128971



Thanks to everyone in the company who worked hard so we can now arrive everyday to this colorful, pleasant place!