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Igalia Spring Summit

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    Joaquim Rocha
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This last weekend was Igalia Spring Summit, my first Igalia summit!

What’s an Igalia summit? It’s a full weekend event where Igalians go to some place out of our cities (Pontevedra and A Coruña)  to hangout with each other and have fun together.

For this summit the main schedule was traditional games on Saturday and going to the thermal waters on Sunday. Of course, among these, there were some presentations and lots of hanging out with fellow Igalians. In what comes to traditional games, I was almost epically won the egg-on-spoon race but Berto had been training every morning from 5 to 8 PM the last couple of years and ended up winning… However, I was pronounced SIAUChWiT (Super Impressively, Amazingly and Undoubtedly Champion of Wii Tenis) together with Iago for our continuous victories until 6:15 AM, when we deliberately (of course) lost so our fans would lets us go sleep 🙂

What I liked most was the chance to talk and get to know better some of my colleagues, laugh with them and have the never ending Galician vs Portuguese vs Castilian discussion (… of course the sauna was great as well)!

Everybody seemed to be having a blast, it wasn’t the fake and lame HR activities that some big corporations sometimes do. The result, for most people I guess, was a really fun time, lack of sleep and a hard Monday but with smile on the face.

Igalia is so unique in many ways! Thank you to the people who organized this great weekend!