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Rancho’s back to life

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Howdy Rancho fans!

Like some (many?) of you noticed, we had been having problems in Rancho server since quite a long time. The machine that was serving Rancho had some kind of trouble and was switching of all the time.

Finally this week my friend (and Rancho’s co-lead developer) Luís Rodrigues changed Rancho host and we’re set!

Hopefully, Rancho will be available 24/7 from now on. Also, note that we changed some of the subdomains, so, you should check Rancho’s web site for the new URLs, mainly SVN’s and Trac’s.

Please let us know of eventual problems with the new page in our Google Group.

Big thanks to Luís Rodrigues for having fixed this problem!