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OCRFeeder running in Fremantle

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    Joaquim Rocha
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During my hackfest time in Igalia I thought it’d be interesting to see how much it’d take to make OCRFeeder run in Fremantle just like Stefan Kost did for Jokosher and Pitivi talked about during GCDS.

At the beginning, I thought it’d be a little difficult (I thought I’d need a lot of stuff) So I installed libgoocanvas-dev, checked out pygoocanvas and compiled it (I also needed to manually copy the generated egg from Python 2.3’s site-packages to Python 2.5’s). After that, no OCR engines available so I installed OCRAD which was pretty easy. I also decided to give a shot at installing Tesseract which went wrong supposedly due to a broken make file or something but this week that problem was fixed and now Tesseract works like a charm!

I’m not thinking of porting OCRFeeder to Maemo (it is an office application that wouldn’t be very easy to use on a device nor it makes sense to want to do that kind of office task in a mobile device) but it was indeed nice to see how easy it is to make a GNOME application written in Python to work on it.

OCR can have many interesting applications in a mobile device and I got a few ideas stashed in a corner of my memory so, if the time allows, I’ll try to put some to practice in the future.

Here are some screenshots of OCRFeeder and the result ODT document (yes, the ODFPy modules worked fine as well):

OCRFeeder in Fremantle

Resulting ODT from OCRFeeder produced in Fremantle