OCRFeeder version 0.3 released

Moments ago I released OCRFeeder v0.3!

This version contains several improvements like:

* A setup.py script that makes installation easier
* Zoom fit option to the zoom options and its usage when an image is loaded
* German translation
* Code improvements
* Better integration of the Tesseract OCR engine
* Better desktop integration by using an application icon and desktop file
* Updated instructions in the README file
* Corrected a few issues in the OCR engines manager dialog
* Corrected engine name access
* Fixed project being cleared whether a new project is successfully loaded or not
* Correct actions availability depending on the existence of images

A big thank you to Renard VoรŸ who was kind enough to provide you all with a German translation.

Give it a try, either download the tarball release or clone the git repository.

You too can help: either submit bugs or feature requests or translate it to your language.

For the next release I’m thinking on having a deb package to make it even more easier to install OCRFeeder.

Stay tuned!