OCRFeeder version 0.4 released

I’ve just released the version 0.4 of OCRFeeder.

This version introduces, among other changes:

* Debian package generation
* Tesseract’s example configuration file
* Frame around the page view for a better visualization

Special kudos to P. Christeas that did some (good) changes to OCRFeeder that I integrated in this release.

The following new translations are now available:

* French by Philippe Normand
* Galician by Xabier Rodríguez Calvar
* Italian by Andrea Grandi
* Spanish by Andrés Gómez

It’s funny that all but Andrea’s translation were made by Igalians due to the growing multi-cultural nature of Igalia.

Get OCRFeeder’s:
* Debian package
* Source from repository
* Source tarball

I would also like to thank everyone for sending me feedback about the applications, that’s where the motivation I need comes from.

OCRFeeder 0.4

Enjoy the OCR on GNOME!