SeriesFinale 0.4 released

I have just release a new version of SeriesFinale.

For this 0.4 version there is a very useful and requested feature: Update All!
Now you will be able to update all the TV shows by just clicking a button instead of having to go show by show and waiting for each one to be updated. As you see on the screenshots below, the shows view now also displays the next episode to watch plus, when updating the shows, feedback on the shows that are finished updating is given by a banner.

SeriesFinale new shows view style

Menu with Update All

Banner showing a just updated Show

You’ll also notice that initializing and quitting the application is now much faster. This happens because as for the shows’ updates, the loading and saving of the database is now run on a different thread.

There was also a bug when manually editing an episode, which is now fixed.
Another bug you might have experienced was duplicated episode entries. It usually happened when there were placeholder episodes named “TBD”, since SF was using the episodes’ names to compare them, when the “TBD” episode was updated with the correct but different name, a new episode would be added instead… I removed the name checking from the comparison and now two episodes are the same if they have the same number and same season number.

Also, you might have noticed that the TV shows view scrolls really slowly. Today I found why such happens and will try to have it fixed for the next release.

As usual, you can find SeriesFinale code on its Gitorious project and expect this new version to appear soon on an AppManager next to you.

I hope you like this version as much as I do!

6 thoughts on “SeriesFinale 0.4 released”

  1. Thank you, love the ‘Update All’ feature. Also it seems like the Next Air Date is now on the very first screen … something I also requested for earlier and not mentioned in your post. This project of yours is quite possibly the best out there in terms of usefulness.

  2. Hola Joaquim. La única peguilla que le he visto a esta versión es que el botón de “update all” en la versión en español sigue apareciendo como “update all” en vez de “actualizar todo” 🙂

    Por lo demás coincido con Mojo en que es el programa más útil que tengo en el N900 y, con diferencia, el que más uso…

  3. Hola Paco,

    Las traducciones están desactualizadas. Espero que en la próxima versión ya las actualizemos.

    Me encanta que a la gente le guste y use SF.


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