SeriesFinale v0.6 AKA “Xmas Comes Earlier” edition

It’s been a while since last SeriesFinale’s version and I have been a bit busy meanwhile but still got time, together with Juan, to pull up some nice new features. In the end, we had so many changes and the app felt so smooth that we nicknamed it “Xmas Comes Earlier”!

So what can you find in this new version?

* The covers are now downloaded in the background which allows users to keep using the application and improves idle times when adding/updating shows.
* No more database deletions. Many people complained that sometimes it would suddenly delete all the database. We have now introduced a few verifications that make it harder for the database to be deleted unless you do it yourself.
* The format of the JSON of the database and the way the serialization is done is now faster which allows faster load and save times.
* The impossibility to delete shows is also fixed.
* No more problems with characters like & on the episodes and shows’ names.
* Already added shows are now marked with color when searching for shows.
* The highlight of episodes is now fixed, when marking them.
* A new logo that works in a black background has been added.
* Images are now downloaded to temporary files which allows a safer assignment to the shows/seasons.
* The images are now deleted if it’s not being used anymore (when shows are deleted), and are not downloaded more than once (when a show is added twice).
* The removal of the application now deletes the images folder.
* AUTHORS, README and THANKS files were added to the package.
* Translations were updated.
* The search dialog now allows you to search shows in a chosen language.
* The About dialog was added. Here are a few screenshots:

Shows when no cover has been added
Shows when no cover has been added
Temporary image when downloading cover
Temporary image when downloading cover
Search dialog with Language choices
Search dialog with Language choices
About dialog
About dialog

Two other things that are new are the creation of two mailing lists for SeriesFinale:
seriesfinale-general for general discussion, help and feature requests
seriesfinale-development for discussions related to features development and bug tracking

You should be able to upgrade SeriesFinale from the extras-devel repository.ย I’ll promote it extras later.


8 thoughts on “SeriesFinale v0.6 AKA “Xmas Comes Earlier” edition”

  1. I still have an issue with the show 30 Rock. Seriesfinale adds it fine, but after loading the show art, it then blanks out the show art. Also it adds it in an unsorted manner, usually placing it first over the show 24, but on updates correctly placing it second after the 24. So maybe it is a combinational thing, with two shows starting out with numerical titles?

  2. @MoJo: Not just numerical titles. For me, it will put ‘Army Wives’ above ‘Angel’, with no cover art. The only time this is “fixed”, ie normal and ok, is when I update or add a show; but that fix is only temporary, as the next window is opened, it reverts back to broken.

  3. @steph: problem arises with some covers, that seem to be corrupted when loading in SeriesFinale.

    We are working on this issue.

  4. Tanty, there was a guy that sent me a priv message on t.m.o saying he was gonna start integrating SF with the Calendar but I haven’t had any further news.

    I’ll look into that when I have time.

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