Grilo powered Rhythmbox

Grilo is getting really interesting and one of its newest nice things is the DBUS interface Juan has been working on lately.

This DBUS interface is currently known as Rygel-Grilo (it was originally intended to be a source for Rygel) and uses the MediaServerSpec to allow developers to retrieve the media objects Grilo provides.

Since there aren’t still Python bindings for Grilo, I decided to use the Rygel-Grilo to be able to use Grilo from Python.
So I developed a Rhythmbox plugin that shows every MediaServer1 object available and lets the use browse through the contents of these. Needless to say, although this plugin provides a very generic basic and usage, it’s easy to see how applications like Rhythmbox could be using Grilo to get their media.
The philosophy is: Grilo gives you content, GStreamer plays that content, and you’re free to focus in the rest of your app’s details.

Here’s a video of Rygel-Grilo and the Rhythmbox MediaServer1 plugin in action:

Grilo MediaServer1 Rhythmbox Plugin from Joaquim Rocha on Vimeo.

You can find this plugin under the MediaServer1 Plugins project on Gitorious.

Juan did also developed a cool plugin for Totem similar to this one. Take a look at this post to see the plugin working and a more detailed explanation of what Rygel-Grilo is.

2 thoughts on “Grilo powered Rhythmbox”

  1. I’m sorry, but why does Grilo exist?
    Doesn’t MPD already do this?

    Wouldn’t it be better to extend MPD instead of creating YAMD (Yet Another Media Daemon)?

  2. Hi MÃ¥rten,

    I think you misunderstood what Grilo is and is not.

    Grilo is a framework to provide media, it is not a media player.

    Grilo’s plugins provide you with media sources from various services, for example, Grilo can tell you which media (music, videos, pictures) you have on your hard-drive, or you can browse or search them on YouTube and Vimeo, you can also search for photos on Flickr.

    Grilo won’t play the content for you. You have to handle that detail yourself, so, the idea is that if you want to build a media player that plays videos and music from your HD or YouTube, you can use Grilo to provide you the media and play that media using GStreamer, for example.

    I hope you got it now 😉

    Best regards,

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