First Grilo developers meeting

Like Iago announced in Grilo’s mailing list:

“Now that we want the basics of Grilo working reasonably well, I think it is time that we get together and share our ideas as to what we want Grilo to be in the close future and define some kind of roadmap for,
let’s say, the next year or something like that. The idea would be to define a set of specific tasks that we can add to our TODO and Wiki and keep that up-to-date (we can review this roadmap when needed and make updates any time we see fit, but we should have something to start with)

I think most of us may very well have some ideas as to what we think
would be cool/important to have in Grilo already, but let’s have some
time to think about it and then arrange an IRC meeting to discuss the

This brainstorming period will be until next Friday, September 10th.

If you’re not subscribed to Grilo’s mailing list, consider doing so and share your ideas there. If mailing lists are not your thing, you can always leave your ideas as comments to this post and I’ll make sure they reach the mailing list and the meeting itself.

We’ll later announce the date and time of the meeting.

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