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Apologies to Django Community

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

I have my blog syndicated in Django Community since a while now and I’ve always respected Django Community’s rules by only having Django related posts appearing there, that is, by making good use of the Django category/filter have syndicated there.

Today, I’ve realized that many of my posts unrelated to Django have appeared in Django Community. Trying out the category I originally set for this, I see now that it doesn’t work anymore; I don’t know what changes I did to the blog but the mentioned category is broken and so, it defaults to all the posts… I am surprised nobody complained about it to me.

To correct this, I’ve just sent an email to Jacob and asked him to please update the feed to the correct one.

I’ve always respected the guidelines of the planets I’m syndicated in and I am sorry for this mistake. Let’s hope Jacob fixes it soon.