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OCRFeeder version 0.7.1a released

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

The 0.7.1a version of OCRFeeder has been released.

This version introduces some tasks performed by Emergya as part of the GuadaLinfo Accessible project, such as:

  • Importation from a scanner device.
  • Copying text from the content boxes to the clipboard.
  • Users can now use the typical spell-checker dialog to correct mistakes in the text recognized by the OCR engines.

Other highlights include:

  • Rewritten ocrfeeder-cli (which also introduces a help method now)
  • Added the automatic detection of the Cuneiform OCR engine
  • Move the OCRFeeder modules to its own folder (so it is better organized and doesn’t conflict with other modules when installing it)

And some bug fixing:

  • Add the help option to ocrfeeder-cli (gb#630829)
  • Fix selecting all areas
  • Fix ellipsis and title in the queued events dialog
  • Prevent “invisible” boxes creation
  • Remove temporary images for the Tesseract OCR engine

A big thanks to the great GNOME translators for keeping OCRFeeder available in a number of languages and to Berto for making it available in Debian (which later got into Ubuntu as well).

Just as I was releasing the 0.7.1a version I realized the spell-checker.ui file was not being installed so I quickly did a tiny release, hence the 0.7.1a and not simply 0.7.1.

Download OCRFeeder 0.7.1a source tarball