“Nightmares by Design” by Severed Fifth

Two years ago I posted about Jono Bacon‘s project Severed Fifth, a metal band that distributes its work freely, under a Creative Commons license.

Back then, he had released the first album “Denied by Reign” and while you could head-bang to it, there were a few things that could have sounded better, like the drums. “Nightmares by Design” has a much better production and also steps into more “thrashy” than “deathy” lands — the album’s opening song, “Foretold Revelation” leaves a “Master of Puppets” feeling with its acoustic guitar. While I am a big fan of Death metal, this change of style also makes everything sound better to me.

This time Jono got some help to keep the project going with 3 musicians joining the band. This enabled Severed Fifth to pass from the studio to the stages and they are giving some concerts in California.

So let’s all hope that Severed Fifth keeps succeeding.
If this sounds good, go listen to Severed Fifth and check out how you can help the band record their next album.