OCRFeeder 0.7.4 released

After more than two months since the last OCRFeeder release (I’ve been busy with other projects in Igalia), I have just released the version 0.7.4.

The highlights for this new version are:

Add plain text exportation

Sometimes users just want to get the plain text from a scanned document and this is especially useful for visually impaired users that will be able to read the text files with Orca afterwards.
This feature was developed by Andrew McGrath, a student from New Hampshire, who is contributing to OCRFeeder as part of his involvement in the Software for Humanity project. It would be great to have more colleges involved in this kind of initiatives.

Recognize the current page or the whole document

Now it is possible to automatically recognize the current page (as it did before) or the complete document. I’ve also added a confirmation dialog before the recognition is performed when there are changes in the project.

Thanks also to Joanmarie for all the great suggestions like this one and to Juanje Ojeda for the patches he sent me.

These were just the two main features I’ve picked from the list of changes, to view them all check the NEWS file.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the future.

Source tarball

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  1. I need to upgrade to the newest version, hopefully I will be able to make it work, I am installing it on an ubuntu system, but the scripts are not working


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