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(Hopefully) Going to FOSDEM 2012

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    Joaquim Rocha
  • Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Most of you might have heard about the sudden “death” of the airline Spanair. I had never known of an airline stopping its planes on the same day it announces it’s rupture. Several colleagues of mine in Igalia were affected by the events and guess with whom some of us (mostly Igalians based at Coruña) were flying to Brussels? That’s right… Fortunately yesterday we bought new flights and decided to try to get the reimbursement for the cancelled ones later.

This means that thanks to Igalia:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I had two presentations in each of the last two editions of FOSDEM but I didn’t really have something new to show in this year’s so I’m attending only as a participant which doesn’t make it less exciting for me.

I have already some arrangements planned, as in having a beer with some folks, and you’re invited too if you wanna talk about Igalia or the projects I’m involved in.

See you in Brussels.