Hello World, from Olivia!

A week ago, the 5th of March, my day started very early and Helena‘s even earlier; our daughter was coming!

The (almost) 12 hour labor was not easy at all but everything turned out well. Olivia was born with 3380 g, 48 cm, exhibiting a lot of black hair and her mother’s asian-ish eyes.

Olivia spent her first two hours of life resting on my chest while waiting for Helena. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of looking your newborn in the eyes for the first time — it’s simple and beautiful in a way I didn’t know before.

Now I am enjoying some time off with my girls at home!

My baby girl and I
Olivia loves her life

3 thoughts on “Hello World, from Olivia!”

  1. Oh my Good, nice angel…. im happy soo much. Im cry…why i love babys.
    Good luck forever , im send all the angels to genf for the very nice OLIVIA.

    Kisses nice greeting from Berlin!
    I hope visit Berlin

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