Joaquim Rocha



Joaquim Rocha

Principal Software Engineering Manager

Howdy! My name is Joaquim Rocha and I work as a Principal Sotfware Engineering Manager at Microsoft (Azure), following the acquisition of Kinvolk. Previously I worked at Endless / HackCERN, Red Hat, and Igalia.

I have been involved in a number of Free and Open Source Software projects throughout my career and I am also a member of the GNOME Foundation. Take a look at the software section to learn more about these projects.

I have also been a speaker at international FOSS events such as FOSDEM and GUADEC. Check out my speaking section to know more about my participation in events as a speaker.

How to contact me

Feel free to email me at me AT joaquimrocha DOT com or at some of the several social websites linked in the bottom of this page.

How to pronounce my name

Often people who do not speak Portuguese ask me how to pronounce my name and they say it’s not that easy so here it goes. My first name — Joaquim — sounds like joo-uh-keem but the J is a French/Portuguese/Turkish J (as the sound of the S in measure) and the keem part has a nasal i. Looking it up in the IPA table, it should be like: ʒuəkĩ

As for my last name — Rocha — it is much easier; it sounds like raugh-shuh (but with a strong R) and the IPA should be something like: rɔʃə