A little taste of life

I just came back to Seville from a nice weekend in Portugal.

Since I’m a good person I thought it’d be cool to get my coworkers to taste a little bit of life ๐Ÿ™‚ , I mean, Portuguese life. And what’s so good in Portugal that makes it the very thing that Portuguese people (including myself) don’t complain about? The food (and drink)!!
My parents brought me a nice Honey Cake made by a neighbor of them and I bought 48 bottles of the finest Portuguese beer (to be consumed outside of working time):
– 24 Super Bock;
– 24 Sagres;

I am a big fan of Super Bock. Let’s see which of them my friends like more…

And just so you know, we’re smart and educated people so, we’ll not drink those all at once.